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SIGTUR joined forces with the Chris Hani Institute for the second futures commission meeting
Democratic trade unionism and progressive civil society movements are severely impacted by the hegemony of free market ideology imposing its cruel logic on a global basis.  An aspect of this predicament is the assertion of the architects that there is no alternative to this market rule.
An alternative union perspective is the domination of free market thinking and policies is a social and political constructive. Neoliberal intellectuals such as Hayeck and Freidman had to engage in an intense struggle to realize this dominance.  
The leaders of our movements have to engage in this battle for ideas as a first step towards a deep social, economic and political transformation in the defence of society through the assertion of an alternative to neoliberalism.

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio National Breakfast broadcast an interview with KMU Chairperson Elmer Labog yesterday. The interview was recorded last week prior to Elmer’s return to Manila.

The interview is 8 minutes long, starting with the situation for typhoon survivors in Tacloban City, and then examining the situation for workers and trade unions in the Philippines.