We want to see 16 million agency workers converted to direct employment.

Dec 15, 2014 

 - Story courtesy of Industriall
On 10 December, 1 million members of Indonesian trade union confederations KSPI, KSBSI and KSPSI went on strike demanding wage increases after president Joko Widodo upped fuel prices. In Jakarta 50,000 people marched to the President’s Palace to voice their demands.
The day of action follows on demonstrations one week earlier, where unions reacted to the new minimum wage for 2015. Minimum wage in Indonesia is set according to the province of the country.
On 10 December three of Indonesia’s trade union confederations KSPI, KSBSI, KSPSI organized a national strike, involving around 1 million union members in large cities in the country. In Jakarta alone, around 50,000 workers demonstrated on the streets.
Stop trade union repression! Justice for the all victims of trade union repression! Fight for the right to organize!
Are workers in your country free to organize unions? 
Stop trade union repression !
Justice for the all victims of trade union repression !
Fight for the right to organize !
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