35,000 demonstrators in Jakarta show the enormous force and important voice of the labour movement
Source: IndustriALL
Around 35,000 workers took to the streets of Jakarta on 1 September to demand a new minimum wage for 2016 and improved labour laws. Indonesia’s main trade union centres, KSPI, KSPSI, and KSBSI are asking that the government increase their efforts to protect the interests of the people.
Indonesia is experiencing a period of slower economic growth, with around 26,000 workers having already lost their jobs this year. With a large part of the Indonesian population already living just above the poverty line, unions are demanding that the central government guarantee the availability of jobs, as well as the basic rights of workers.
KASBI was formed in 2004 with 3,000 members. Today it has more than 200,000 members
By Minh Lam
Working conditions within the borders of Australia’s nearest neighbours were under the microscope when SSTUWA member Wendy Perriam attended an Indonesian trade union conference.
Ms Perriam accepted an invitation to attend the fourth congress of the Indonesian Worker’s Unions (KASBI) held near Jakarta. She joined Lian Sinclair from the Community and Public Sector Union. Both women are part of the Unions WA International Committee.
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