Banking operations all over India came to a grinding halt
At the call of BEFI, AIBEA, AIBOA, INBOC, INBEF, NOBW and NOBO, the entire workforce enthusiastically observed ALL INDIA BANK STRIKE today to synchronise with the All India General Strike called on a 12-Point Charter formulated from the National Convention of Central Trade Unions held in New Delhi on 26th May 2015. 
Employees of Reserve Bank and Nabard; Employees and Officers of Gramin Banks, Co-operative Banks have also joined the Strike. 
Nation braces to bear the brunt of the nationwide strike
As the entire nation braces to bear the brunt of the nationwide 'Bharat Bandh', 2nd September 2015 may witness what the trade unions have called 'the biggest strike in the country ever'.
Turning a deaf year to the central government's appeal to call off the strike, ten central trade unions have decided to go ahead with 'Bharat Bandh' on September 2, protesting against the reforms in labour laws proposed by the government, which they have described as anti-worker economic policy.
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