CUT Brazil National Board Resolutions of June 26 and 27, 2013.
CUT Brazil National Board Resolutions of June 26 and 27, 2013.
1) The National Board, held in São Paulo on 26 and 27 June 2013, calls on working people and their organizations to mobilize around the Working Class Agenda, at this particular moment experienced by the Brazilian nation.
Mobilizations of millions across the country who had the support and participation of CUT, placed in the center of the situation the claim for tariffs reduction and public transport quality, health and public education quality, expressing discontent with the way institutional policies have been running, and has had concrete results, the masses in the street achieved the tariff reduction of public transportation in most capitals and many cities, and the issue of political reform – CUT’s traditional struggle – has now gone away from the addicted paralysis of the debates in Parliament and is set for broad debate within society.
Instead of promoting peace, UN troops commit systematic violations of basic human rights
While delegations were present around the world, including: Suzawwe Rossnsa, Labateha Salim (Algeria); Jacques Paris (France); Neili Hester (USA), Juliana Cardoso, Julio Turra (CUT Brasil), Barbara Corrales and Katia Silva (Brazil), Louis (Mexico) and Jean Marc Vilier.
On Saturday, June 1st, was held in Port au Prince, Haiti, the continental day for the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops in that country, in which the CTA Argentina and CUT Brasil took part. On behalf of CTA were present Pablo Micheli, Secretary General, and Fernando "Nando" Acosta, Secretary of Interior.
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