There is no proof of a single crime committed by Lula in these trials.
  • The Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights – SIGTUR, condemn the decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court on denying a Constitutional right to former President Lula. 
    This decision was taken in a scenario where Brazilian democracy has been persistently attacked, violence has been growing, a military intervention has taken place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where fascist forces have been killing leaders and activists as was the case in the murder of Marielle Franco, and the shooting of the bus in which former President Lula was traveling in the south of Brazil.
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  • On April 5th the Brazilian Supreme Court voted against the habeas corpus appeal for ex-President Lula, after unjust accusations by Sergio Moro and an unfair trail chaired by the 4th regional court (TRF-4). Lula suffers an unprecedented judicial, parliamentary and political persecution. This persecution has a clear objective: to prevent Lula from being elected, as all polls show that he can win in all scenarios in the coming elections in October this year. 
    Only partisan convictions, theories without factual basis, arbitrary hypotheses and an intense political dispute justify and substantiate the legal proceedings against him. There is no proof of a single crime committed by Lula in these trials. In addition, the evidence of his innocence that appears in the process is being ignored. 
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  • One day before his trial, an Army Commander General made a declaration through social media, which was a clear interference and a threat to the justice system and democracy in Brazil. On the other hand, TV Globo dedicated more than 20 minutes of airtime to pressure the Supreme Court Ministers to rule against Lula, suspending its main program highlighting the absurd declarations of the Army Commander. 
  • The respect for the Brazilian Constitution implies the recognition of innocence unless proven guilty, as defined in Article 5. But this was not what the Supreme Court did yesterday. 
  • TV Globo has also been a strong actor on the promotion of the parliamentary-judiciary coup d’état that deposed the democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff and began an unprecedented era of social setbacks in the Brazilian history. 
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  • The 11th Congress of SIGTUR held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 4th and 5th, recommends that SIGTUR priorities: 
    The denouncement of the coup d’état, the attacks on democracy and  the unprecedented social setbacks in Brazil and the actors that  supported it including employers groups, the Judiciary system,  members of the Parliament and main media groups that are part of  the Brazilian elite;
  • Creation of solidarity committees in defence of democracy and Lula in  the countries members of SIGTUR; 
    The defence of democracy and Lula in Brazil is to defend democracy worldwide. The fair solution for the Brazilian crisis is to hold democratic and free elections, not condemn a candidate that did not commit a crime. If elected, Lula will implement a development program that would distribute wealth and income, something that the Brazilian elite is not interested in. 
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The global campaign aims to eradicate the mining and use of asbestos (chrysotile).

The Southern Initiative Globalization Trade Union Rights congress (SIGTUR) discussed and debated the need to join the global campaign for an asbestos-free world. 

Glenn Thompson, AMWU Assistant National Secretary an affiliate representative of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), said” The global campaign aims to eradicate the mining and use of asbestos (chrysotile). Tens of thousands of workers, their families and the community are affected by this killer material every year. 

The time to put a permeant ban on the use of asbestos is “NOW”.

Asbestos is used frequently in the manufacturing of many products manufactured in those countries not signatory to the treaty. A global ban is critical to ensure we rid asbestos from the global supply chain.