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The Government of Mauricio Macri increases institutional violence against the people of Argentina

Violent repression against social protest has become the norm in Argentina ever since the government attempted to pass legislation that reduces social benefits, retirement benefits, and directly affects the social security system. 
On Thursday December 14, and again on Monday December 18, the federal police, in conjunction with the military police and other security forces  have violently repressed social protests against the reforms, both in the capital city of Buenos Aires, as well as in the city of La Plata, capital of Argentina’s largest province.
This repressive action follows the overall militarization of public space ongoing since Macri’s arrival to power. Among the most relevant cases are those against indigenous Mapuche communities in the southern region of Patagonia, where the military police’s actions ended in the violent death of two people in two different situations.
There is a political decision from the government to use force as a way of intimidating social resistance to the neoliberal reform agenda. With the increase in the confrontations, and a growing resistance movement, we can expect the government to double-down on their repressive reaction. 
The escalating situation means that human rights abuses from the security forces will increase, as more and more people, workers’ organizations and social movements join the struggle to defend their rights.