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tragic killing of the Swaziland trade unionist

Swazi Democracy Campaign

The New Labour Internationalism (NLI) is about imagining and then actioning new forms of deep solidarity.  In the tragic killing of the Swaziland trade unionist, Sipho Jele, we test solidarity.  Let every workplace of every union in SIGTUR stop for a moment to remember Sipho's commitment and the brutality of a regime that tries to kill the spirit of democracy and labour rights in dark violent prison cells.  We are united in our grieving, our anger, and our commitment to continue the struggle that Sipho's life represents across the global south.

The Swaziland Democracy Campaign-led Picket at the Swaziland Consulate in Braamfontein went on well attended by more than 200 people from all walks about of life, disgusted by the cold blooded murder of our comrade Sipho Jele in Swaziland. This is despite the very short notice given. It received various messages of solidarity and powerful addresses in front of the Acting Consular, Ernest Tsabedze who received and signed the memorandum on behalf of the Swaziland government and pledged to forward it to his seniors.