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SIGTUR to spread the word on global worker network

A vigorous push on education is key to plans by the global union alliance SIGTUR
A vigorous push on education is key to plans by the global union alliance SIGTUR to broaden the fight against multinational companies over retrograde measures including the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA)(TPPA)
The 2013 10th SIGTUR congress in Australia reaffirmed worker education as a focus in raising the awareness of unions and workers across 23 southern hemisphere countries on how they can develop support networks to pressure corporations and governments taking anti-worker actions.
The annual meeting of SIGTUR’s Regional Co-coordinating Committee (RCC) in South Africa on the 23-24th March determined that to develop these networks effectively, improved information is needed to inform workers on the key issues in common with union comrades in other nations.
This includes campaigning to stopping or modifying the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement on the cusp of being pushed through the parliaments of 12 nations and fighting anti-privatisation by neo-liberal governments.
The AMWU will take on an important role working with network education officers in developing a new range of information on SIGTUR’s role and these campaigns for use via social media, the SIGTUR website and printed material.
RCC members from Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea and South Africa were at the coordinating committee meeting in Cape Town.
The development educational content would be vital to helping unionists involved in struggles understand how SIGTUR could be an effective support from unions and workers in related transnational corporations .
SIGTUR is focusing on specific campaigns across Asia fighting the vicious anti-worker actions of multinational giants including Chevron, Samsung, Suzuki and Ssangyong.
 “For SIGTUR to grow to it’s full potential, we will need the educational content informing workers about the organisation and how useful it can be with networks to support their struggles,”.
SIGTUR coordinator Glenn Thompson has come to an end of his 12 month term, with Brazil’s Diego Azzi, from that nation’s CUT union federation to take over.