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MUA Fights Globally Against Oil Giant Chervron

Maritime Union of Australia embarks on a global community, environmental and political campaign
One of the worlds largest oil companies Chervron is hostile and litigious towards Unions, communities and envioremental groups. The MUA has embarked on a global community, shareholders and political campaign. 
At a International Transport Workers Federation forum in Perth Australia was hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia (WA Branch) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation.
Mike Smith, Elected Official of the United Steelworkers’ Union Local 5 in Richmond California, has travelled to Perth to address the meeting in person. 
Maritime Union Western Australian Branch Secretary Chris Cain said Western Australians needed to understand the risks as Chevron seeks to bring its Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG plants online over the next few years.
“Research undertaken by the University of Sydney has shown stuff-up after stuff-up during the construction phase on Gorgon, and the MUA is very concerned that this culture of mistakes will cross-over to the much more hazardous operational phase of the project,” Mr Cain said.
“In California a couple of years ago, we saw a disastrous fire at a Chevron plant, which saw 15,000 people sent to hospital. Only last week, there was another fire at the plant and it was very fortunate nobody was injured.
“We are very lucky to have Mayor McLaughlin and Mike Smith to be able to talk to us in Perth this week and discuss the challenges of dealing with a company like Chevron.”
Mr Cain said the forum was open to the public and media.
“We will welcome all members of the public and media to the forum, where members of the audience will be able to ask questions of our speakers and participate in the discussion.
“With Gorgon being built on a A-Class nature reserve, and Wheatstone being built close to onshore communities, it is vitally important that all Western Australians have an understanding of Chevron’s safety record.”