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Migrant Workers’ Mayday Rally “ We are one!” “ We are Labour!” “Stop! Crackdown!

Migrant workers in Korea will be united under the banner of trade union
Migrant workers, who cannot take day off on Mayday staged an early May-day Rally. Migrants’ Trade Union (MTU) and many other migrants organizations hosted <Migrant Workers Mayday. in Jong-gak, Seoul  on April 26. 
Regardless of nationality, migrant workers in Korea will be united under the banner of trade union. Korean government should stop repression of migrant workers and review their policy on migration.” UdayaRai, President of MTU said.
Choi, Jong-jin, first vice president of KCTU delivered solidarity message. “KCTU successfully organised a general strike on April 24 and will continue the struggle for decent life for all. Today we are here together to celebrate the May day in advance and we have to organize our colleagues at workplaces in a struggle for labour rights, human rights and decent life for all migrant workers.” 
Choi Jong jin said
Participants took a moment of silence to pray for Nepal and extend wishes for safe rescue and recovery, receiving the shocking and heartbreak news of earthquake. 
KCTU Migrate Workers Napal
After the rally, MTU members held an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the union’s establishment. For 10 years the government haven’t recognize the union and the case is still pending in the Supreme Court for more than 8 years. 
- Repeal the after-departure severance
  payment rule!
- Guarantee the right to free job change and
  extend the sojourn!
- Stop deterioation of the Immigration Control
- Stop crackdown and deportation!
- Recognize MTU’s legal status!
- Stop all discrimination, exploitation and
  violence against migrant women!
- Guarantee equal pay for equal work!
- Stop racism in Korea!