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Massive Demonstration at WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires

On the 11th December the WTO Conference took place in a militarized Buenos Aires where the CTA Autónoma among  other organisations and social movements of the country expressed our rejection to this organisation that represents the greed of the biggest transnational companies in opposition to the workers economic and social rights. 
In the context of the Argentine Government revocation of World Trade Organization’s Accreditation to key Civil Society Organizations just days before Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, CTA and social movements  marched on the International rights day to shout against the liberalisation promoted by the WTO, which has driven the rise of appalling export processing zones in the global South, often with no right to unions and strikes, no job security and low wages. 
The demonstration determined to continue building up resistance to the WTO as one of the biggest promoters of the neoliberal and imperialist attacks on people’s political and economic rights. 
 CTA 2
Now people are under threat through MC11 talks on agriculture, fisheries subsidies, domestic regulation and e-commerce rules and we won't remain silent while it happens.