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Korean Police Attempt to Arrest the KRWU President In The Middle Of Press Conference

KRWU leadership will go to police for questioning today
KRWU leadership will go to police for questioning today. At a press conference on the 14th January the KCTU, KPTU and KRWU stress the legitimacy of strike and need for dialogue on rail policy and the need to continue the struggle.
 KCTU Rally 2- 140114
Not even and hour after the press conference plans for KRWU president to turn himself into the police was cancelled due to the police's violent attempt to obstruct the rally in front of the KCTU office at the time of the press conference in an attempt to arrest the General sectetary of the KRWU. KRWU first vice president and the General Secretary remains in the Jogye temple. As a result of the continued repression the President did turn himself into police in yongsan.