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Global Week of Action 28 September - 05 October 2014

The NXP workers are fighting back
NXP Semiconductors, one of the world’s top electronics firm and a supplier of Samsung and Apple, is a violator of workers' rights.
Its plant in the Philippines illegally dismissed 24 union officials amidst negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement in an effort to weaken workers’ fight for a significant wage hike and the regularization of contractuals.
Workers in export-processing zones in the Philippines and other countries also face the condition of the NXP workers in the Philippines. Export-processing zones or free trade zones are enclaves built for multinational corporations who seek tax holidays and incentives - and more importantly - cheap and repressed labor.
The NXP workers are fighting back. They are fighting for significant wage hike and regularization of contractual workers. They are fighting against union busting. They are fighting for the right of working people to organize.
Attached is an update of the struggle.
We are calling on everyone to support the Global Week of Action (28 September- 05 October) calling on the giant electronics company NXP Semiconductors to bring back the 24 NXP union leaders.
You can also support the NXP workers' struggle by telling Samsung and Apple to demand NXP to bring back the workers who were laid off. 
Things you can do:
1) Conduct support actions in front of NXP offices or Samsung and Apple stores.
2) Post Samsung and Apple calls in front of their stores. Print, cut and post attached image.  
3) Spread the videos widely
Union president explains issue -
4) Sign petition
Please also support the social media action and petition initiated by different organizations.
Whatever form of action that you choose, please inform the NXP workers email tab below