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Martial Law in the Philippines @50 Continuing Past and the Struggle Continues

ongoing human rights crisis in the Philippines on this 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial law Statement September 21, 2022   The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) are writing to express our profound concerns at the ongoing human rights crisis in the Philippines on this 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial law of September 21st, 1972.   The first Marcos regime resulted in 14 years of oppressive military rule, widespread torture, imprisonment, and thousands of extra judicial killings in an ongoing attempt to crush dissent. The dictatorship also gave rise to a large bloated military command structure which has played an ever-increasing role in the country’s political life. In addition, during…


Elmer has recently been identified and "red tagged" a process of victimisation and targeting by the PNP and military. On Wednesday 6th October the Australian Unions hosted by UnionsWA International Committee/SIGTUR held an open meeting inviting supporters to attend via Zoom to hear a report on the repression of unions in the Philippines. Elmer Labog, Chairperson of KMU, a Philippines union federation of over 115,000 members spoke and responded to questions.     Elmer talked about the Duterte Government's use of unlawful violence and killings in its war on drugs that has also targeted unionists and other civil society leaders as a way of silencing dissent. Elmer has recently been identified and "red tagged" a process of victimisation and targeting…

STOP Red-tagging, Harassment, and Intimidation Of Workers and Unionists

Two unions based in Laguna reported repeated threats, harassment, and intimidation from NTF-ELCAC agents frequenting unionists’ homes. This being the sixth month of the Bloody Sunday massacre in Southern Tagalog on 2021 September 7,  Kilusang Mayo Uno filed a complaint before the International Labor Organization (ILO) regarding the trade union and human rights violations of the Duterte regime, particularly the killing of workers.    The complaint detailed the various cases of attacks on workers since Duterte came to power. To this day, 56 workers had been killed and hundreds had been arrested on trumped-up charges. (A copy of the complaint is attached below.)   The Bloody Sunday brutal attacks on activists in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna,…


There's a crisis on the doorstep of Australia.  The International Committee of UnionsWA, The Southern Initiative for Global Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR), and Union Aid Abroad APHEDA convened a webinar to show solidarity and support with the working people of Indonesia, the webinar heard about the struggle and how workers are surviving the pandemic today and working to prevent the pandemic of asbestos in the future.    On Tuesday 31st August participants from around the world heard from Dr. Anna Suraya,  Darisman, Chair of Local Initiative for OSH Network (LION), Indonesia, and Phillip Hazelton from Union Aid Abroad APHEDA.    …

KCTU President YANG Kyeung-soo Arrested

We are calling on the Government of South Korea to respect the rights of workers to protest and demand the immediate release of president YANG, Kyeung-soo On July 3, around 8,000 members of the KCTU marched through downtown Seoul to demand to protect the lives and save the jobs and employment. The rally was originally planned to be held in Yeouido but the participants gathered at Jongro-3ga after the police blocked the gathering by erecting barriers.    The police announced that it will consider applying the Act on Demonstration and Assembly, Infectious Disease Control Act, and Criminal Law provision on obstruction of the general traffic.   KCTU president YANG, Kyeung-soo was arrested today for organizing an unauthorized rally. The police raided the KCTU office where Yang…

Call for July 26 Global Day of Solidarity with PH Workers

Duterte has continuously declined investigations from international bodies regarding violations of human rights, including his “war on drugs” campaign that has led to the death of more than 30,000 innocent lives.  On the 26th of July, President Duterte will be delivering his last State of the Nation Address, which we expect to be charged with lies of change and progress as he has done in his past addresses. On the same day, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) together with other democratic groups will be calling for a Global Day of Action to hold Duterte accountable for his crimes against the Filipino workers and people.     Failed pandemic response More than a year into the world’s longest lockdown, Covid-19 cases continue to rise and have already surpassed the 1.5 million mark in the…

Condemn the killing of labor leader Dandy Miguel! Hands off our unions! Stop the attacks!

Miguel filed a case at the Commission on Human Rights last March 15. Despite threats to his life and security, Miguel was at the forefront of the struggle to defend the rights and welfare of the people. Labor leader Dandy Miguel was shot dead in Laguna province last Sunday night 28 March. According to initial reports, he was shot eight times while on his way home from work. Miguel’s killing came three weeks after nine activists were killed in simultaneous dawn operations called Bloody Sunday in the Southern Tagalog region south of Manila, where Laguna is located.    Miguel is a member of the KMU National Council, Vice Chairperson of regional chapter PAMANTIK-KMU and President of local union Lakas ng Nagkakaisang Manggagawa ng Fuji Electric – OLALIA- KMU.    Along with other union leaders and families of…

Breaking News Brazil: ITUC welcomes overturning of Lula convictions

This decision is a boost for democracy in Brazil, in the region and the world. Story courtesy: ITUC   A Supreme Court judge annulled the convictions on 8 March.   Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said: “The judicial persecution of Lula, led by discredited judge Sergio Moro, has come to an end. Lula’s only ‘crime’ was to stand up for the marginalised and the oppressed – something that the conservative forces who wield so much power in Brazil could not accept.   “This decision is a boost for democracy in Brazil, in the region and the world. It removes a heavy stain on politics and the judiciary in Brazil and will give impetus to the…

CONDEMN THE ATTACKS: Spate of killings and arrests of unionists and activists in one day

In a raid in the office of labor institution Workers' Assistance Center, police shot dead Manny Asuncion After Duterte pronounced in a gathering his desire to kill all communists, state forces launched coordinated attacks against unionists and activists in Southern Tagalog. In separate operations in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Rizal. Eight were arrested and five were killed on March 7, Sunday.   In a raid in the office of labor institution Workers' Assistance Center, police shot dead Manny Asuncion, Cavite provincial coordinator of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) Cavite.    In Laguna, two unionists and a human rights worker were arrested.    Steve Mendoza, executive vice president of the Organized Labor Association in Line Industries…


We call on our colleagues in the various trade unions, rights defenders and freedom-loving people in the Philippines and worldwide to call for the release of Filipino unionists Ramir Corcolon and Arnedo Lagunias, and condemn these latest attacks on Philippine trade unions. Two Filipino union leaders were arrested this morning, March 4, 2021 by elements of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) by virtue of search warrants issued by a Laguna Executive Judge.   The police raided the residence of Ramir Edriga Corcolon and abducted him thereafter at around 4:30 am today, March 4, 2021 in San Pablo City, Laguna Province. Corcolon is the President of the San Pablo City Water District Employees Association (SPCWDEA) and the Water System Employees Response (WATER) Secretary General.   According to witnesses, Corcolon’s home was forcibly entered early this morning by elements who…

Political, Economic, Social and Union Analysis, during the Pandemic in Paraguay

This government does not respond with social-economic policies in the face of the pandemic, it has burdened the entire cost of the crisis on the workers of the countryside and in the city. Meanwhile, it increases foreign debt which, in the end, workers will pay. Story by: Central Unitaria de Trabajadores Auténtica    Paraguayan society is going through a difficult context that places the workers before one of the worst economic, political and social crises that our people have suffered. This situation is due to the deep world crisis of the capitalist system, which was aggravated by the appearance on the world health scene of the Coronavirus as a serious threat to the health of the peoples, which aggravated the crisis of the neo-liberal model, presenting a dark scene for all the humanity.   The government of Mario Abdo Benítez, faithfully fulfilling the mandates of…

COVID19 showed the real face of inequality of the system in Argentina

This pandemic has made visible the seriousness of the structural problems originating in the neoliberal political and economic model over the last 40 years Since March, CTA Autonoma has supported the national government's measures to respond to the health emergency caused by COVID19, just as they have accompanied the efforts of all social sectors to minimize the damage that this situation will cause to the entire population, taking into account the delicate economic and social situation that the country previously carried as a result of a neoliberal government that left power in December 2019.    CTA Autonoma delivered to the Minister of Labor of the Nation a program of measures and policies that from their perspective would deepen the measures of protection of the…

CUT Brazil continues to defend basic values during the pandemic

CUT Brazil continues to defend basic values during the pandemic period such as the fight for lifes and jobs, that the State should guarantee. 9th September 2020.   It has been a month since Brazil surpassed the 100,000 fatal victims of the new coronavirus (Covid-19). After a month of this tragic mark, Brazil continues to have, on average, 1,000 deaths per day, reaching almost 130,000 deaths, behind only the United States in number of cases and deaths.   President Jair Bolsonaro continues to boycott the initiatives of states and municipalities in the fight against the pandemic, in addition to numerous statements that he has given minimizing and mocking the gravity of Covid-19. Bolsonaro is against the policy of social isolation and is not concerned…

Workers pay tribute to fallen frontliners; call for mass testing, work safety, jobs

“Today, we pay tribute to our medical workers who battle the COVID-19 pandemic at the frontlines, in service of the people". NEWS RELEASE | 31 August 2020   On National Heroes Day, workers under the banner of United Workers paid tribute to the hardwork and heroism of frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.   In a symbolic protest action at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City, the workers from Kilusang Mayo Uno, Nagkaisa! Labor Coalition and Paggawa paid tribute to the 38 fallen medical workers by offering flowers. They also paid tribute to heroes of the working class, some are included in the Wall of Remembrance of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani.   “Today, we pay tribute to our…

Australian Unionist Host Philippines Solidarity Tour

Australian unionists stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the Philippines #Stopredtagging  Elmer Bong Labog, leader of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) union federation in the Philippines, called on Australian unionists and internationalists to stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters on a Solidarity Tour in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. Melbourne: over seventy-five internationalists hear Elmer’s call for solidarity “The intensive harassment and repression of trade union members and working people in the Philippines deserves to be condemned by all who value basic human rights and the rule of law.” On his solidarity tour, Elmer met with union members and leaders from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), UnionsWA,…

Samsung Electronics chairman jailed for union sabotage

Chairman of the board of Samsung Electronics Imprisoned for 18 months for sabotaging union activities 17th December 2019.   "UNION WIN"   A South Korean court has sentenced the chairman of the board of Samsung Electronics to 18 months in prison for sabotaging union activities, in a ruling likely to add pressure on the technology giant to overhaul its corporate culture.   Dozens of other current and former employees at various Samsung units were also convicted on Tuesday for their mistreatment of trade unions. State prosecutors have said Samsung executives used various tactics to discourage union activities, including threatening to cut the wages of employees linked to unions and withdraw business from subcontractors who appeared…

Global Unions Rally In Solidarity With the Philippines Unions

The persecution of labour organisations in the Philippines infringes on freedom of association and the right to organise. Radio Labour: Philippines Report On the 10-11th December civil society and the global union movement stood together in condemning the recent raids, arrests and extrajudicial killings of 45 trade union leaders in the Philippines. The Philippine government, led by President Duterte, targets unionists, journalists, human rights activists and organisations critical of the regime in a process known as ‘red tagging’. These people and organisations are falsely labelled as terrorists and targeted with harassment, arrests, and violence.   The persecution of labour organisations in the Philippines infringes on freedom of association and the right to organise. Labour organisations have been unjustly…

Court decision on Maga's case, unjust, anti-union

The Duterte government is afraid that by releasing Maga, drivers and commuters would have a young and vibrant organizer back to work Press statement 4th June 2019.   Trade union organizer Maoj Maga raised his fist in defiance of the court decision finding him guilty based on planted evidence. Eleanor, KMU secretary for human rights and wife of Maga in this photo comforts their son. Maga was arrested last year without warrant while playing basketball with other school kids' parents after taking their son to school. The police said Maga was illegally carrying a gun during that time which is ludicrous for someone who is playing basketball near the school.    We decry the decision of the court to declare labor rights activist…

SIGTUR Declaration For Peace, Defense Of Democracy and Human Rights in Brazil

As recently many hate crimes and agressions against gender minorities, social leaders and supporters of progressive forces have been comitted in Brazil (in the North of the country there is a letal victim of this) by people exercising hate and violence encouraged by Bolsonaro public speaches and people linked to him about forbidding social activism, supporting the military dictatorship as well as torture, a worrying intolerance climate in the population  was created.       Source: https://www.brasil247.com/pt/247/sul/371749/Bolsonaristas-cravam-simbolo-nazista-em-corpo-de-jovem-em-Porto-Alegre.htm Apoiadores de Bolsonaro realizaram pelo menos 50 ataques em todo o país: Levantamento inédito contabilizou relatos de agressões e ameaças contra pessoas em 18…

Under the slogan “Hunger is a crime”, the CTA Autónoma striked for work, production and sovereignty

On the 24th September the city of Buenos Aires woke up full of workers of the CTA Autónoma and other social organizations who shouted on more time to the government that the hungry is a crime and that economic adjustment must be stopped.  Our main claim is for work, production and sovereignty. After 3 hours of provocations and tension, the repressive forces that were blocking the access from the Province to the city opened the way to the columns of workers that cross the bridges to arrive at 9 de Julio Avenue where and join the act.      …

Korean unión leader Han Sang-gyun visits Argentina

Han was imprisoned at the end of 2015 after a court in Seoul condemned him to a five years jail for organizing and being part of the massive protest of the November 14 The former president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU), who was unfairly imprisoned for defending the labor rights against the corporate greed in his country, will be this Saturday 12 August 2018  in the headquarters of the CTA-Autónoma in gratitude to the solidarity actions develop by the CTA along with SIGTUR network and unions from all around the globe for his freedom.   Han Sang-gyun was imprissioned for two years, five months of a five years sentence. “The fight for Han is an example of workers of all the world who fight against the big transnational corporate greed”,…

Brutal Attack On Striking Workers

Calls for international support to NutriAsia’s worker’s strike and condemnation of the combined state and corporate violence inflicted on the workers People Over Profit strongly condemns the brutal dispersal of around striking workers and their supporters, 30, July 2018 at the NutriAsia picket line in Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines.   According to news reports, forces from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the NutriAsia’s guards viciously attacked the striking workers and their support groups while they were holding an ecumenical mass. They started pushing and hitting the workers with shields and truncheons. Scores, including children, women and the elderly, were severely injured.    Nineteen workers, their supporters, and journalists were arrested. Media personnel covering the incident were also threatened by the police…

NutriAsia Take Action Following Sackings

Four workers were arrested and dozens more were injured A “Boycott NutriAsia” campaign has gained traction in social media, while contractual workers of the condiment giant maintain their picket line in Marilao despite a violent dispersal attempt on June 14. Four workers were arrested and dozens more were injured as local police claimed to be implementing a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by a Bulacan court against the picket protest.       NutriAsia’s contractual workers set up their picket line on June 2, after management fired around 50 workers, including union leaders, and refused to implement a February 23 DOLE ruling which ordered the company to regularize 80…

“IMF Never Again”

IMF in Argentina in the context of the G20 agenda this year means several damages for the workers’ rights while transnational corporations strength their power over states and people TA Autónoma along with civil and social organizations demonstrated last Saturday 21th July to express their rejection to the presence of Christine Lagarde and the IMF in Argentina as part of the G20 agenda.   Under the slogan “IMF Never Again”, a wide group of organizations gathered near the Center of Conventions of Buenos Aires, where the meeting with IMF was held, to express their reject to the stand by agreement with the IMF asked by the argentine government last month, as well as to condemn the subjection of the country to the austerity policies demanded by the international credit…

Free Former President Lula

The Federal Police and Judge Sergio Moro, who is presently on vacation in Portugal, failed to comply with a decision of the Federal Court of the 4th region that determined the immediate release of President Lula. July 8, 2018 marked a further development of the current legal / media / parliamentary coup d’etat  to which our country is subject.    Both, the Federal Police and Judge Sergio Moro, who is presently on vacation in Portugal, failed to comply with a decision of the Federal Court of the 4th region that determined the immediate release of President Lula.   At this moment the legal situation of President Lula is of freedom determined by the Federal Court, but his release was curtailed by contempt of the Federal Police and sectors of the Brazilian judiciary that refused to comply…

CTA Launch Industry Workers National Coordination

We are interested in getting involved in the discussion about the present and future of work in this context of transnational control of the economy and productive offshoring that big companies exercise through global value chains. On Thursday 5th July 2018 CTA took a big step in developing a regional  strategy to build the Industry Workers National Coordination of the CTA, and launched its request of affiliation to IndustriALL global Union.   This initiative is the result of deep national, regional debate taking into account the global context, CTA see more than ever the importance to organize as workers to preserve our labour conditions as well as our jobs against the assault of the new neoliberal wave.    In the international division of work our country is pushed in the place of a commodities and raw…

Zenroren protests against enactment of ‘work style reform’

Zenroren has been fighting against the Abe administration’s “work style reforms” On the June 29,2018, the “work style reform” bill initiated by Prime Minister ABE Shinzo’s government was enacted after passage in the House of Councilors. The legislation will promote karoshi, or deaths from overwork, by eliminating working time regulations for highly skilled and high-paid professionals and by subjecting workers to harsh orders. Opposition has been raised by all labor organizations, the legal community, the national association of families on karoshi, and a large number of citizens. But opposition was ignored by the government, the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic and Komeito parties, the Japan Innovation Party, the Japan Business…

Korean union leader Lee Young-joo released!

The international trade union movement has continuously paid special attention to the situation of trade union rights in Korea.   Sister Lee Young-joo, former general secretary of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, has been released from prison on suspended sentence on the morning of 14 June 2018. She has spent almost six months in the Seoul Detention Centre.   Although Lee has been set free, at her trial on 12 June, Lee was found guilty on all charges. Judges convicted her to three years in prison, with four years of suspended sentence, and a fine of 500,000 KRW (US460$) for organizing the People’s Mass Mobilization rally on 14 November 2015.   The prosecutor claimed the demonstration blocked traffic…

Struggle against MNC Coke Cola

Coca-Cola directly accounts for around 100,000 workers, but hundreds of thousands more are working in its supply chain. Workers face exploitation across the Coca-Cola supply chain - suppliers, product distribution, retailers, agriculture. Show solidarity with Coca-Cola workers  Join the Social Media of Action - April 27th Post message of solidarity or share the e-poster #CokeWorkersUnite.   Coca-Cola is the world’s richest beverage company. The multinational corporation’s richness rests on the power of monopoly capitalists to rule financial capital, grab resources, control markets, and extract superprofits by exploiting the workers of different countries.   Exploiting the Workers. Coca-Cola directly accounts for around 100,000 workers, but hundreds of thousands more are working in its supply chain. Workers face exploitation across the Coca-Cola supply chain - suppliers, product distribution, retailers, agriculture.  Factory workers experience contractualization,…

SIGTUR XI Congress "Another Work is Possible"

"SIGTUR is a network of democratic left-wing trade unions who will not sit back and do nothing in front of injustice" The Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR) final declaration along with five special resolutions were endorsed at the XI Congress on 4 and 5th April in Buenos Aires. The congress focused on alternatives to capitalism, the need in a reduction of the working time without loss of rights or income, a universal basic income to takle inequality and the challenges of the new technological revolution Industry 4.0.    On the 4 and 5th April the congress took place for the first time in Argentina a meeting of the trade unions from the global south that integrate the…

Defence of Democracy and Lula

There is no proof of a single crime committed by Lula in these trials. The Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights – SIGTUR, condemn the decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court on denying a Constitutional right to former President Lula.    This decision was taken in a scenario where Brazilian democracy has been persistently attacked, violence has been growing, a military intervention has taken place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where fascist forces have been killing leaders and activists as was the case in the murder of Marielle Franco, and the shooting of the bus in which former President Lula was traveling in the south of Brazil.   On April…

Global Campaign against Asbestos

The global campaign aims to eradicate the mining and use of asbestos (chrysotile). The Southern Initiative Globalization Trade Union Rights congress (SIGTUR) discussed and debated the need to join the global campaign for an asbestos-free world.  Glenn Thompson, AMWU Assistant National Secretary an affiliate representative of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), said” The global campaign aims to eradicate the mining and use of asbestos (chrysotile). Tens of thousands of workers, their families and the community are affected by this killer material every year.  The time to put a permeant ban on the use of asbestos is “NOW”. Asbestos is used frequently in the manufacturing of many products manufactured in those countries…

One voice against Capital

Opening SIGTUR 11th Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina April 3rd 2018. Trade union’s leaders representing above 200 million workers of the world opened yesterday SIGTUR 11th Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   The Central of Argentinian Workers (CTA) hosts this international meeting which has got as its main topic the discussion on the future of work and alternatives organized workers are capable to offer against contemporary Neo-liberalism.   The opening session started with the screening of a welcoming video from the CTA in which Argentinian comrades summarized their local fights against Neo-liberal policies in the last year.   The International General Secretary, Adolfo “Fito” Aguirre welcomed the auditorium and said “it…

The G20 and the answer of the global trade union movement

The Congress on April 4-5 2018 will have as its motto “Another work is possible”. By Fito Aguirre*   The Group of the Twenty (G20), the world forum that gathers the advanced and the emergent economies, will meet in South America for the first time since its creation in 1999. Its contrast will be the Congres of the Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Unions Rights (SIGTUR), which will take place in April in Buenos Aires and will discuss the future of work.   The 13th Summit of the G20 will be held in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1 2018. Argentina assumed the one-year presidency in a context of regression for workers,…

Release abducted KMU organizer Maoj Maga!

President Duterte is mistaken if he thinks that these attacks against workers’ and people’s rights would quell our resistance against tyrannical rule National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno have strongly condemns the abduction and illegal arrest of its staff and organizer Marklen Maojo B. Maga and demands his immediate release and the dropping of the trumped-up charges against him.   Maga, 39 years old, was abducted by plain clothes men who identified themselves as elements of the Philippine National Police at around 8:40 this morning at a basketball court near their house in San Mateo, Rizal after taking his son to school. It was only this evening that his family and lawyers were able to confirm that he is being held at…

Six Month Strike Ends In Victory

Collie Western Australian Workers Victorious After Australia’s Longest Coalfields Dispute After 180 days of strike action and over 2 years of contract negotiations, with Indian muiltnational Lanco maintenance workers at Griffin Coal in Collie, Western Australia, returned to work at 7 am today.    The 29 maintenance workers – all members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) – had been on strike for exactly 6 months, since August 2017. The workers entered their shift with an honour guard from the community and other trade union members.   “This is a victory for the members, they’ve fought to restore their family friendly rosters and rescue their stolen entitlements,” said AMWU…

ITUC International Day of Action - Australian Solidarity with KCTU

Today in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, hundreds of unionists joined the ITCU International day of action and rallied in support of jailed Korean trade union leader Han Sang-gyun.    Han is the former president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU and is still serving a three-year sentence in Hwasung Correction Centre. Mr Han lead the trade union against the regressive labour reforms under the former Park Geun-hye government.     The rallies in Australia were organised by SIGTUR, APHEDA and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), and supported by a range of unions. Unionists in Australia are…

A storm has erupted in Gippsland Australia

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS STRUGGLE   A storm has erupted in Gippsland Australia Esso a company owned by Exxon a muilt national American company. Workers have been picketing for 224 days. At the centre of the storm reside two multinational corporations, Exxon Mobil and contractor UGL, who have signaled their intent to employ some of the most heavily criticised tactics used by bruised beer company Carlton United Brewery (CUB) in its six-month self-declared war on maintenance workers.     The plan of these giant corporations is to cut the wages and conditions of offshore and onshore oil and gas…

Free Han Sang Gyun NOW and drop the charges on Lee Young-joo

Take Action NOW   The former president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), Han Sang-gyun, is still serving his three-year sentence in Hwasung Correction Centre. Han  lead the trade union movement in various protests and the people’s rally on 14 November 2015 against the regressive labour reforms under the former Park Geun-hye government.   Less than a year in power since the anti-worker government under Park Geun-hye was toppled by mass demonstrations, President Moon Jae-in has pledged to end the use of irregular workers in the public sector and to increase the minimum wage by sixteen per cent.…

Democracy is under attack in Brazil

Democracy is under attack in Brazil. After deposing the democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff, a group of corrupt politicians took power to implement anti-union measures - including dismantling of workers’ rights, threats to public pensions, attacks on social protection and the cash transfer programmes; it has attempted to legalise forced labour by changing the definition of slavery and now it is trying to prevent former president Lula from running for office in the coming elections.   On 24 January, a regional appeals court will decide on politically motivated and false charges against Lula. They want a guilty verdict to stop…

The Government of Mauricio Macri increases institutional violence against the people of Argentina

Solidarity Photo Poster   Template Protest Letter    Violent repression against social protest has become the norm in Argentina ever since the government attempted to pass legislation that reduces social benefits, retirement benefits, and directly affects the social security system.      On Thursday December 14, and again on Monday December 18, the federal police, in conjunction with the military police and other security forces  have violently repressed social protests against the reforms, both in the capital city of Buenos Aires, as well as in the city of La Plata, capital of Argentina’s largest province.

Massive Demonstration at WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires

On the 11th December the WTO Conference took place in a militarized Buenos Aires where the CTA Autónoma among  other organisations and social movements of the country expressed our rejection to this organisation that represents the greed of the biggest transnational companies in opposition to the workers economic and social rights.        In the context of the Argentine Government revocation of World Trade Organization’s Accreditation to key Civil Society Organizations just days before Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, CTA and social movements  marched on the International rights day to shout against the liberalisation promoted by the WTO, which…

Martial law extension is attack on trade union and human rights in the Philippines

NEWS RELEASE - EILER December 14, 2017 Reference: Ms. Rochelle Porras, Executive Director   On December 13, 2017, the supermajority in the 17th Congress and the Senate approved President Rodrigo Duterte's extension of martial law in Mindanao for another year. The decision is far from the promised promotion of a stable socioeconomic growth and development in Mindanao after Marawi siege, according to a labor non-government organization.   The Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER) said the extension of martial law is an orchestrated attack on trade union and human rights enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. Citing data from…


Workers in the Philippines are fighting to protect the eight-hour workday.    "Multinational and big local corporations already score huge profit from eight hours of labor. Forcing workers to toil for more than eight hours only serves corporate greed."   Filipino workers led by Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) held a nationwide protest against the iron-fisted policies of President Duterte. One of the policy changes being railroaded by the government is a bill seeking to change the eight-hour workday to 12 hours. The bill packaged as Compressed Workweek (CWW), will result to wage cuts, massive lay-offs, heavier workload and increased health…

Regional Coordination Meeting of SIGTUR in Thailand July 2017

Argentina SIGTUR congress will be to direct the debates and actions towards the issue of the transformation of work, and the role trade unions and workers play in a new scenario Trade union confederations from 9 countries met in Bangkok on July 6th and 7th  for the Regional Coordinating meeting of the Southern Initiative on Globalization and Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR). The meeting was attended by unions from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and India.      The challanges of the trade union movement in these countries was discussed, with a common context of advancing neoliberal policies that affect workers’ rights in particular. The struggles carried out from the trade union movement were presented by each member country,  reinforcing the need to connect these fights between organizations…


Australia’s trade union movement has swung behind 55 skilled brewery workers whose jobs were sacrificed in a cost-cutting bid by the nation’s largest beer producer, a subsidiary of global alcohol conglomerate SABMiller.   CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE COMPANY  Unionists have protested loudly outside the Melbourne brewery of Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) for over three months after the company changed contractors employing its maintenance workforce, resulting in them being replaced by non-union labour on inferior wages and conditions.

150 Million Indian Workers To Strike Against Modi’s Anti-Labor Policies

Why the 2nd September General Strike is Important September 2, 2016 will see one of the largest coordinated labour strikes ever in India, possibly in the world. Trade unions cutting across political affiliations will shut down key sectors of the Indian economy against the pro-corporate anti labour Modi Government. Since India embraced what trade unions call the LPG route to growth (that is liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) in 1991, the country has seen 16 general strikes. And the 17th all India workers’ strike falls on 2 September. The last general strike, observed on 2 September 2015, saw participation from nearly 150 million workers – that’s half the population…

Strike Action Against The Neo Liberal Agenda Across The Indian Banking Sector

Banks all over the country, including those of the Co-operative Banks, took strike action on the 29th July Bank Unions (UFBU), the umbrella organisation of 9 Unions of Workmen and Officers of the Banking Industry of the country, the Workmen and Officers of Banks all over the country, including those of the Co-operative Banks, took strike action on the 29th July to ventilate their unequivocal protest and opposition to the neo-liberal reform of the Banking Sector being pursued by the Central Government. It is worth noting that the STRIKE was not to press for any financial demand of the employees. 

Korea slammed for arresting and jailing union leaders

We call for the release of all trade unionists arrested and all the charges to be dropped. Southern Initiative Global Unions Rights (SIGTUR) joined unionists from Australia,  Argentina, Phillipines, South Africia and the local South Korean community this week at Korean consulates and embassies to send a deafening blast in protest at unjust prison sentences and arrests inflicted on innocent trade union officials.

Food not Bullets! Drought-stricken Farmers & Lumads seeking Food Aid, Killed & Dispersed

The incident left 2 confirmed dead, 116 wounded (18 of them in critical condition), 89 missing TAKE ACTION: Sign petition   On March 30, 2016, around 6000 farmers and Lumads (indigenous people of Mindanao) from all over North Cotabato marched to Kidapawan City and picketed the National Food Authority (NFA).  They demanded the release of food aid to alleviate hunger due to massive crop failures caused by El Nino. On the third day of the protest, elements of the Philippine National Police opened fired and violently dispersed an otherwise peaceful assembly.   The incident left 2 confirmed dead, 116 wounded (18 of them in critical condition), 89 missing (including six minors), and two, who were arrested…

Hand off Timor's oil

  National rally details below   The Timor Sea Justice Campaign 2016 has protests to politically expose PM Turnbull’s hypocrisy on Timor Leste.  http://www.timorseajustice.com/TSJC/introduction    The Australian government is taking revenue from the Timor Sea that, under international law, belong to Timor-Leste. Two months before Timor Leste's Independence in 2004, then Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer announced Australia's withdrawal from the maritime boundary jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.    During the negotiations with the newly independent government over the two countries' maritime boundary and the exploitation of oil and gas resources in the Timor Sea, the Australian Secret…


It’s outrageous that a government in a democracy can negotiate an agreement that has such an impact on our country and does so in total secrecy.” Australian SIGTUR unions joined global protests last week against the Trans Pacific Partnership with rallies highlighting how it would let foreign corporations stand over any member nation’s right to enforce its own rule of law.   The effort saw unionists and community activitists take to the streets of Melbourne and Perth, targeting French multinational Veolia as an example of a company willing to sue a nation in an international trade tribunal for loss of profits from a government change of laws.      

Liverpool Dockers Strike - 20 Years On

500 Liverpool Dockworkers who were sacked from the Port of Liverpool for honoring the number one principle of the trade union movement in refusing to cross a picket line. Published on 2 Oct 2015 Liverpool Dockers Strike - Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).   This September marks the 20th Anniversary of one of the longest and most united industrial disputes ever seen in the history of the labour and trade union movement.   It was a dispute that originally involved 500 Liverpool Dockworkers who were sacked from the Port of Liverpool for honouring the number one principle of the trade union movement in refusing to cross a picket line. When the dispute ended in January 1998 more than 80,000 national and international trade unionists and supporters had either pledged…

Lift the US blockade on Cuba! Return Guantanamo Bay!

By Vinnie Molina,   On Thursday 17th September Perth activists rallied outside the US Consulate in Perth demanding the lifting of the US blockade and the return of the occupied Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.   This snap action was part of the international 3 days of action called by the US groups that included a protest outside the White House, a conference and lobbying of US Congress men and women.

South Korean union group to strike against labor reform

In protest against the compromise between three parties, more than 5,000 KCTU members held a rally at Chunggyechun Square, central Seoul, Saturday Source: The Korean Times   The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), the nation's second largest umbrella union, said that it will stage a general strike Wednesday to protest the tripartite agreement on labor reform.    "The KCTU will protest against the agreement to protect the nation's 20 million workers' rights," said the KCTU which has some 680,000 members.   "Based on collusion through the tripartite talks, the ruling Saenuri Party and the government is pushing ahead with the bill only to worsen the current law by allowing easier layoffs, the lowering of wages and more non-regular workers."

SF Leather's sacked 14 workers for being union

14 union supporters, offering their jobs back on the condition that they cancel their union membership Act NOW! Support Mulberry sacked workers SF Leather's union busting tactics in Izmir, Turkey over recent weeks includes sacking 14 union supporters, offering their jobs back on the condition that they cancel their union membership, demanding the local court to impound a union banner and block the union distributing material online of their action, and even filing a claim for damages against the union.   The long list of labour rights abuses all break the 'Global Sourcing Principles' of key buyer Mulberry, however UK based Mulberry has chosen to turn a blind eye, while the bags made at the Izmir…

Thousands of workers rally for new wage in Indonesia

35,000 demonstrators in Jakarta show the enormous force and important voice of the labour movement Source: IndustriALL   Around 35,000 workers took to the streets of Jakarta on 1 September to demand a new minimum wage for 2016 and improved labour laws. Indonesia’s main trade union centres, KSPI, KSPSI, and KSBSI are asking that the government increase their efforts to protect the interests of the people.   Indonesia is experiencing a period of slower economic growth, with around 26,000 workers having already lost their jobs this year. With a large part of the Indonesian population already living just above the poverty line, unions are demanding that the central government guarantee the availability of jobs, as…

The fight for worker’s rights in Indonesia

KASBI was formed in 2004 with 3,000 members. Today it has more than 200,000 members By Minh Lam Journalist   Working conditions within the borders of Australia’s nearest neighbours were under the microscope when SSTUWA member Wendy Perriam attended an Indonesian trade union conference.   Ms Perriam accepted an invitation to attend the fourth congress of the Indonesian Worker’s Unions (KASBI) held near Jakarta. She joined Lian Sinclair from the Community and Public Sector Union. Both women are part of the Unions WA International Committee.

Banking operations all over India came to a grinding halt

Banking operations all over India came to a grinding halt At the call of BEFI, AIBEA, AIBOA, INBOC, INBEF, NOBW and NOBO, the entire workforce enthusiastically observed ALL INDIA BANK STRIKE today to synchronise with the All India General Strike called on a 12-Point Charter formulated from the National Convention of Central Trade Unions held in New Delhi on 26th May 2015.    Employees of Reserve Bank and Nabard; Employees and Officers of Gramin Banks, Co-operative Banks have also joined the Strike. 

Biggest strike ever? 'Bharat Bandh' today, India braces for protest by trade unions

Nation braces to bear the brunt of the nationwide strike Story By: AMRC Hong Kong   As the entire nation braces to bear the brunt of the nationwide 'Bharat Bandh', 2nd September 2015 may witness what the trade unions have called 'the biggest strike in the country ever'.   Turning a deaf year to the central government's appeal to call off the strike, ten central trade unions have decided to go ahead with 'Bharat Bandh' on September 2, protesting against the reforms in labour laws proposed by the government, which they have described as anti-worker economic policy.

Justice for the workers of Kentex! Justice for Filipino workers!

SIGTUR joins with Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) in express our heartfelt condolences SIGTUR joins with Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) in express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the workers of Kentex Manufacturing Incorporated who died in a factory fire yesterday. We are one with you in mourning the untimely and unjust deaths of our fellow workers.    The official death count stopped at 72. Others went missing in the fire along Tatalon Street in Barangay Ugong, Valenzuela City. We are calling for an immediate and full accounting of the names of the workers who died in the accident.    Our hearts are crying out for justice for the workers…

April 24 General Strike will be followed by Mass Rally on Mayday

Today we started with 260,000 but our struggle will continue to save the 10 million of precarious workers On April 24, 269,044 members of the KCTU from different workplaces joined the April 24 strike. All the workers who join the overall or partial strikes at their own workplaces held decentralised rallies in 17 cities. Teachers and government employees who are not guaranteed right to strike also joined the rallies getting annual leave collectively.      In Seoul, some 15,000 striking workers got together in the Seoul Plaza, near to the City hall and marched through the Jongno Street. “This is just the beginning. Today we started with 260,000 but our struggle will continue to save the 10 million…

Migrant Workers’ Mayday Rally “ We are one!” “ We are Labour!” “Stop! Crackdown!

Migrant workers in Korea will be united under the banner of trade union Migrant workers, who cannot take day off on Mayday staged an early May-day Rally. Migrants’ Trade Union (MTU) and many other migrants organizations hosted <Migrant Workers Mayday. in Jong-gak, Seoul  on April 26.    Regardless of nationality, migrant workers in Korea will be united under the banner of trade union. Korean government should stop repression of migrant workers and review their policy on migration.” UdayaRai, President of MTU said.

Korean Workers Strike on April 24th

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) Abolish the retrogressive ‘labour market reform’! Striking South Korean workers demand the!   Abolish the retrogressive ‘labour market reform’!   Stop the Public Pension Cuts! Improve National Pension System!   KWR10,000 (per hour) for Minimum Wage!   Fundamental Labour Rights for All!   The national congress of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) resolved to call a general strike against the government’s comprehensive policy package to attack working and living conditions for all workers. I a nation wide ballot carried out on March 21~April 8, 84.35% of all voters were in favor of going on a general strike. On April 24, striking workers will  have…

Challenging Corporate Capital: Creating an Alternative to Neo-Liberalism.

Article by: Prof Andreas Bieler Professor of Political Economy University of Nottingham/UK The second meeting of the Futures Commission was held in Cape Town South Africa from the 25 -27th March 2015. The Futures Commission had initially been set up in a first meeting in Johannesburg/South Africa in June 2013 as the result of an initiative by the Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR).    The Futures Commission, consisting of left academics and trade union representatives from SIGTUR affiliates and supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, was entrusted with the task to develop alternatives to neo-liberalism. At its Congress in Perth Australia in December 2013. SIGTUR identified four key…

SIGTUR to spread the word on global worker network

A vigorous push on education is key to plans by the global union alliance SIGTUR A vigorous push on education is key to plans by the global union alliance SIGTUR to broaden the fight against multinational companies over retrograde measures including the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPPA)(TPPA).    The 2013 10th SIGTUR congress in Australia reaffirmed worker education as a focus in raising the awareness of unions and workers across 23 southern hemisphere countries on how they can develop support networks to pressure corporations and governments taking anti-worker actions.


SIGTUR joined forces with the Chris Hani Institute for the second futures commission meeting Democratic trade unionism and progressive civil society movements are severely impacted by the hegemony of free market ideology imposing its cruel logic on a global basis.  An aspect of this predicament is the assertion of the architects that there is no alternative to this market rule.   An alternative union perspective is the domination of free market thinking and policies is a social and political constructive. Neoliberal intellectuals such as Hayeck and Freidman had to engage in an intense struggle to realize this dominance.     The leaders of our movements have to engage in this battle for ideas as…

Solidarity action with Swaziland trade union movement

Africa's last absolute monarchy has intensified its attacks on trade unions and activists.  According to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), political parties are banned in Swaziland and the President of the People's United Democratic Movement, Mario Masuku, and the party's youth leader, Maxwell Dlamini, are subjected to arbitrary detention. Swazi human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko and journalist Bheki Makhubu received a two year sentence for writing articles critical of the lack of independence in the judiciary. On 19 March 2015, Thulani was moved to solitary confinement after the publication of a prison letter marking the one-year anniversary of his…

TPPA The Dirtiest Deal You've Never Heard Of

The TPP agenda is being driven by big business, big pharmaceuticals and big tobacco Right now government officials from around the world are meeting in Hawai in what could be the last round of negotiations of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.    The leaked sections we've seen already have millions of citizens around the world worried, and the vast majority of it is still secret; not just to the public, but even to our own Parliamentarians. How's this for starters: any country who signs up for the TPP, it will give foreign corporations the power to sue the there Government for decisions they claim might impact their future investments in their country of orign. 


The union movement warned the Government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott that it was on borrowed time Australia’s trade unions sent a thundering message of dissent against the national conservative Coalition Government’s anti-worker agenda on March 4 when over 100,000 people loudly marched through streets across the nation. The union movement warned the Government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott that it was on borrowed time.

1 million workers strike across Indonesia

We want to see 16 million agency workers converted to direct employment.
Dec 15, 2014   - Story courtesy of Industriall   On 10 December, 1 million members of Indonesian trade union confederations KSPI, KSBSI and KSPSI went on strike demanding wage increases after president Joko Widodo upped fuel prices. In Jakarta 50,000 people marched to the President’s Palace to voice their demands.   The day of action follows on demonstrations one week earlier, where unions reacted to the new minimum wage for 2015. Minimum wage in Indonesia is set according to the province of the country.   On 10 December three of Indonesia’s trade union confederations KSPI, KSBSI, KSPSI organized a national…

The Battlefield for Skilled Jobs: Economy vs Society

“We are people, not cogs in an economic wheel.”
Worshipping broad economic growth as the measure of progress has masked the growing inequality and narrowing access to skilled jobs that is quietly dragging Australia down, according to a leading unionist.   Meredith Hammat UnionsWA secretary believes that behind the picture of an affluent nation that Australia presents to the world is an undercurrent of narrowing opportunity for younger people, particularly women, from middle and lower income families.

KMU Leader, Elmer Labog, features on Australia's flagship morning radio program

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio National Breakfast broadcast an interview with KMU Chairperson Elmer Labog yesterday. The interview was recorded last week prior to Elmer’s return to Manila. The interview is 8 minutes long, starting with the situation for typhoon survivors in Tacloban City, and then examining the situation for workers and trade unions in the Philippines.

Festive Season Appeal - Help Gazans rebuild their lives

During the festive season, many people consider donating to those in need.
HOW TO MAKE YOUR DONATION   During the festive season, many people consider donating to those in need. Please consider helping to rebuild the lives of Gaza's people.   A six-year-old child in Gaza has already lived through three wars. And the 50-day assault by the Israeli military in July and August this year is being described by those living in Gaza as the most severe ever. Over 2,200 people were killed - 2,131 Palestinians including 501 children; 66 Israeli soldiers; 5 Israeli civilians and a Thai migrant worker. The UN reports that a further 11,231 Palestinians were injured including…


At the time of publication, the death toll stands at 5444 out of a reported 15319 cases, but many more have gone undetected.
Solidarity Appeal for Ebola Affected Communities in West Africa   Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) first brought the world’s attention to the latest and most deadly outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in March 2014, the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have all been devastated by the disease.   At the time of publication, the death toll stands at 5444 out of a reported 15319 cases, but many more have gone undetected.   The scale of this on-going tragedy was avoidable. The response of the international community could have been more swift and decisive.…

International Day of Action against Trade Union Repression

Stop trade union repression! Justice for the all victims of trade union repression! Fight for the right to organize!
  Are workers in your country free to organize unions?    Stop trade union repression !   Justice for the all victims of trade union repression !   Fight for the right to organize !  

Community and Unions Rally Against TPPA

The community and Unions rallied in Sydney against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
The community and Unions rallied in Sydney in front of the Sheraton Hotel last Saturday October 24th against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.   It was a colourful and vibrant rally that focussed on the latest gathering of free trade ministers from the countries trying to strike a free trade agreement for the advantage of major transnational corporations.

10th Anniversary Hacienda Luisita land dispute in the Philippines

November 16, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre
November 16 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre. November 16 is now a global day of protest against trade union repression.   The main Philippines trade unions involved with Hacienda Luisita are the KMU (May First Movement) Labor Center, the Union of Agricultural Workers (UMA), and their local affiliates, the sugar mill workers union (CATLU), the United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU) and the Alliance of Farm Workers of Hacienda Luisita (AMBALA). www.kilusangmayouno.org    Here is the story of their struggle.   Hacienda Luisita has 6,453 hectares in Tarlac Province, and its farmworkers have been entitled to…

Union Protest Embarrasses Ansell

Ansell has refused to reinstate those sacked or recognise their union
The AMWU joined other unions to rally last week outside the annual general meeting of Australian multinational Ansell to highlight its persecution of workers in Sri Lanka. Unions shamed the maker of plastic surgical gloves and condoms on its home turf for sacking nearly 300 lowly-paid workers at its Sri Lankan factory for going on strike.

MUA Fights Globally Against Oil Giant Chervron

Maritime Union of Australia embarks on a global community, environmental and political campaign
One of the worlds largest oil companies Chervron is hostile and litigious towards Unions, communities and envioremental groups. The MUA has embarked on a global community, shareholders and political campaign.    At a International Transport Workers Federation forum in Perth Australia was hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia (WA Branch) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Rio Tinto and Precarious Work - Global Day of Action 2014

Andrew Vickers highlights Rio Tintos current actions across the globe - particularly Mongolia, Mozambique, Madagascar
Rio Tinto is a bad corporate citizen. The CFMEU's Andrew Vickers highlights their current actions across the globe - particularly Mongolia, Mozambique, Madagascar as well as Australia - where their record of social, human, environmental and labour rights abuses continues.

ANZ workers on strike tomorrow across New Zealand

Thank you for your support today. We need secure jobs we can plan our lives around, and a fair pay offer
ANZ workers on strike tomorrow across New Zealand Thursday, October 9, 2014 FIRST Union members from several ANZ locations across the country will be on strike tomorrow, speaking out against bank proposals that would be highly disruptive to family life. Following member meetings where 96% rejected the banks latest offer, ANZ workers in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Oamaru and Dunedin will be on strike and attending attend pickets, rallies and marches, and workers in many other places will walk off the job tomorrow.

A Victory of Unity and Collective Action

NXP-Philippines signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement
NXPSCIWU-NAFLU-KMU    We are glad to inform the public, especially our supporters, that last September 26, we workers of NXP-Philippines signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the management of NXP-Philippines, effective for the years 2014-2016. The signing of the CBA marks the end of our recent struggle to secure improvements in our working conditions by securing improvements in the CBA, which was met by the management with the illegal dismissal of 24, or almost all, of our union leaders last May 5, 2014.

Ailí Labañino-Cardoso Australian speaking tour:

MUA, the CFMEU and supported by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) Aili Labañino, the daughter of Ramon Labañino one of the Cuban Five
By Vinnie Molina,   At the invitation of the MUA, the CFMEU and supported by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) Aili Labañino, the daughter of Ramon Labañino one of the Cuban Five serving time in a US prison since 1998 shared the pain inflicted on the Cuban Five and their families with our members and the community in general.

Political Prisoner Liliany Obando in house arrest after 6 days on a hunger strike

Liliany Obando took the radical decision to go on a hunger strike
By Vinnie Molina,   On Wednesday 13th August 2014 Liliany Obando took the radical decision to go on a hunger strike. This was in protest of yet another injustice in this 6-year ordeal that started with her initial illegal and unfair arrest on 8th August 2008. At that time Liliany was held without charge for 43 months at the notorious “El Buen Pastor women’s prison” in Bogota.

Global Week of Action 28 September - 05 October 2014

The NXP workers are fighting back
NXP Semiconductors, one of the world’s top electronics firm and a supplier of Samsung and Apple, is a violator of workers' rights.   Its plant in the Philippines illegally dismissed 24 union officials amidst negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement in an effort to weaken workers’ fight for a significant wage hike and the regularization of contractuals.

Illegal Raid On KCTU Office to Arrest Railway Union Leaders!

SIGTUR In Solidarity With Korean Unions

3rd month of the illegal dismissal of 24 union leaders in NXPSCI

SIGN ONLINE PETITION The 6th of August marks the third month of the illegal dismissal of 24 union leaders by the NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao Incorporated last May 5 with a caravan to the Light Industry and Science Park 1 and a march to the company’s plant. It has been three months since the 24 leaders of the NXPSCI Workers Union were illegally dismissed as part of the management’s rejection of the workers’ demand for a significant wage hike and the regularization of contractuals.

AEU Federal Executive on Gaza 5th August 2014

The AEU condemns the firing of missiles, rockets and bombs by any party against civilian populations.
The conflict in Gaza is now in its fourth week. It has so far claimed the lives of more than 1700 Palestinians of whom 377 are children and 66 Israelis two of whom are civilians. Approximately one-third of the more than 6,200 Palestinians injured are children. More than 215,000 people in the Gaza Strip cannot return to their homes because of the danger of military attacks. 141 schools have been damaged.   The AEU condemns the firing of missiles, rockets and bombs by any party against civilian populations. However, recent indiscriminate attacks on Gaza by the Israeli defence forces have…

International Network in Solidarity with Colombia’s Political Prisoners, INSPP

The International Network in Solidarity with Colombia's Political Prisoners condemns in the strongest terms the taking back into captivity of renowned human rights defender Liliany Obando.   Liliany's case and that of several other high profile critics of the Colombian government's human rights record became notorious throughout the world when it was shown that the charges against these respected activists were trumped up and politically motivated.   Liliany served nearly four years in the Buen Pastor Women’s Prison in Bogotá from 8th August 2008 before being released into provisional liberty on 1st March 2012. She was then placed under house…

Australian Unionist Fight Against Austerity

Five city blocks were jammed with more than 20,000 unionists
NO IFS, NO BUTS – WE’LL BUST THE BUDGET CUTS   A mass of ACTU affiliates joined tens of thousands of unionists and community on the streets of Melbourne yesterday as community outrage against the Abbott Budget just keeps snowballling.   Determined workers travelled hunderds of kilometres from across the state of Victoria to join the “Bust the Budget” rally, Australia’s largest trade union march so far against the Abbott Budget.

Caltex Workers Win Hard Fought Wage Increase

Caltex workers wIn a $20 wage increase across the board.
Union Statement   The strike was mostly a snap decision. The union had complied with most of the legal procedures but had not taken the case to Arbitration - a requirement for a legal strike in Cambodia. So we were expecting an injunction from the court at any time - but this didn't happen (possibly because of the week-long national holiday).

Union leaders shave heads vs. illegal dismissal

SIGN ONLINE PETITION   At a picket in front of the Labor Department’s main office in Intramuros, Manila this morning, leaders of the workers’ union in NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao Incorporated had their heads shaved to protest their illegal dismissal.    The 24 leaders of the NXPSCI Workers’ Union claimed that the company has no right to dismiss them from work since their members cannot be accused of launching illegal strikes on April 9, 17 and 18 and on Labor Day since these dates are regular holidays according to the Labor Department.

Caltex Strike in Cambodia

Caltex/Chevron workers walked off the job at seventeen Caltex gas stations in the Phnom Penh
On the 12th May 2014 at 7:00am this morning Caltex/Chevron workers walked off the job at seventeen Caltex gas stations in the Phnom Penh. This represents 95% of the company’s stations in the country's capital, which service the city’s population of approximately two million people.     These workers, represented by CLC affiliate, the Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation (CFSWF), are demanding an increase in the minimum wage to $160 per month – a wage that will satisfy basic needs.   Workers and their representatives say that the strike will continue until their demand for $160 per month is…

2,600 workers lose jobs following Hoya Glass Disk illegal closure

Sign Reinstate 2600 Hoya Workers  Thousands of electronics workers lost their jobs due to the sudden closure of Hoya Glass Disk Philippines in the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Sto. Tomas, Batangas last April 30, 2014, a day before Labor Day. Workers stormed the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) regional office to file cases of illegal closure and union busting against the company. Led by the Kalipunan at Saligan ng Manggagawa sa Hoya Glass Disk Philippines – Independent (KASAMA sa HOGP-Ind), the workers filed a Notice of Strike as concrete action to denounce the closure.


Liliany Obando, an activist, trade unionist and defender of human rights; especially political prisoners in Colombia.
Many in the Trade Union Movement in Australia and around the world watch with great concern the case of  Liliany Obando, an activist, trade unionist and defender of human rights; especially political prisoners in Colombia.   Like many around the world, we are very concerned about the conviction of Liliany by the Colombian court process largely on evidence that has been found to be corrupt.  A serious miscarriage of justice seems to have occurred, that not only effects Liliany but also many other political prisoners who face the same fate.

24 union officials illegally dismissed amidst CBA talks

24 union officials of NXP Semiconductors company in Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines were illegally dismissed
Join the LabourStart campaign and write to NXP management and Philippine government.   Last May 5, 24 union officials of NXP Semiconductors company in Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines were illegally dismissed, without any due process, amidst an ongoing negotiation for a new collective bargaining agreement.

Tell Parks to Free Jailed Union Actvists Now

"After one year under Park's Government, we cannot stand it anymore!"
LaboutStart Online Campaign   Next Tuesday marks the end of the first year in office for South Korea's President Park, Geun-hye.   On that day, South Korea's trade union confederation (the KCTU) will be holding a nationwide "people's strike" together with broader social movements including organisations of peasants, the urban poor, small shop keepers, students, and youth.   They'll be marching under the slogan "After one year under Park's Government, we cannot stand it anymore!"   Human and trade union rights have been attacked and democracy in the country has been undermined since Park came to power.   Organising strikes…
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