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SIGTUR Declaration For Peace, Defense Of Democracy and Human Rights in Brazil

As recently many hate crimes and agressions against gender minorities, social leaders and supporters of progressive forces have been comitted in Brazil (in the North of the country there is a letal victim of this) by people exercising hate and violence encouraged by Bolsonaro public speaches and people linked to him about forbidding social activism, supporting the military dictatorship as well as torture, a worrying intolerance climate in the population  was created.





Apoiadores de Bolsonaro realizaram pelo menos 50 ataques em todo o país:

Levantamento inédito contabilizou relatos de agressões e ameaças contra pessoas em 18 estados e no DF nos últimos dez dias; 6 apoiadores do candidato do PSL também foram agredidos

For this reasons, SIGTUR decided to launch a public declaration asking for peace, defense of democracy and human rights in Brazil:

SIGTUR Declaration of Solidarity